Aviation Bundle

Aviation Bundle

An awe-inspiring spectacle, over eight hours of total aviation entertainment - all in one exciting bundle. The full FlightPathTV aviation television show as seen on Discovery Channel, one Warbirds Downunder Airshow in Australia, two airshows in Tauranga, New Zealand - showcasing a superb collection of flying military aircraft. (Pre Order the bundle today, it will be available by the 1st of January 2016)

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Aviation Bundle

16 Videos

  • FPTV S1 Ep01 Air Races and Air Forces

    In episode one, we go behind the scenes of what has been described as the ‘World’s Fastest Motor Sport’ at the Reno Air Races.

    We travel down-under with the Royal New Zealand Air Force and go mountain flying in the treacherous Southern Alps. We meet the driving force behind MD Helicopters and...

  • FPTV-S1 Ep02 Innovation and Action

    In episode two, we go down-under on a white-knuckle ride with the Royal New Zealand Air Force aerobatic team, then climb on board the deadliest bomber in the US Air Force and meet it’s 28 year old pilot.

    We then go racing and party with the legendary Warlock Race Team at Reno, then check out ...

  • FPTV-S1 Ep03 Explosions and Elegance

    In episode three, we join the action on board a Navy warship during a joint-force exercise and ride along on a Navy helicopter during a live firing of a Maverick Missile. We then check out an Italian Sports-car for the sky being built by two brothers realizing their father’s dream.

    After the ...

  • FPTV-S1 Ep04 Outback and Inverted

    In this episode, we start by meeting the ‘Air Bandits’ – a motley trio of extreme aerobatic pilots led by Lithuanian legend Jurgis Kairys. We then profile the iconic F-16 fighter and hear first hand about close encounters with heat seeking missiles in combat.

    In part two, we head down-under a...

  • FPTV-S1 Ep09 Classic and Contemporary

    We start this episode by checking out a tandem skydive business owned by an amazing and inspirational pilot who has literally risen from the ashes after surviving an explosive plane crash and six months in a coma. We then start the first of our five ‘In the Loop’ aerobatic segments hosted by Red ...

  • FPTV-S1 Ep08 Historic Planes and Modern Pilots

    In episode eight we travel back to the skies above Europe during World War One when gentlemen pilots went into battle flying wood and fabric aircraft, then meet an airline pilot who in his spare time flies a terrifying fighter from World War Two nicknamed ‘Whistling Death’.

    In part two we mee...

  • FPTV-S1 Ep07 Something Old, Someone New

    n episode seven we profile a classic two seat Boeing as flown by a former US President during his Air Force training and take an inside guided tour of the legendary F-111 famous for it’s impressive fuel dump and burn.

    After the break we head south of Sydney Australia to meet a dedicated group...

  • FPTV-S1 Ep06 Past Present and Future Flight

    In episode six we meet the Crocodile Dundee of aerobatics, thirteen times Australian aerobatic champion Chris Sperou, famous for his high speed inverted ribbon cut only feet from the ground. We then follow an Air Force precision helicopter display team preparing for a major international airshow....

  • FPTV-S1 Ep05 Flying Aces and Exotic Places

    In episode five, we meet Red Bull Air Race pilot and US aerobatic legend Mike Goulian and get an inside look into what it takes to be the world’s best. We travel to Waikiki to go flying with Hawaii’s first family of helicopters with over 120 years history in the islands.

    After the break we me...

  • FPTV-S1 Ep10 Bells and Boeings

    In this episode we start by profiling a beautiful and very rare helicopter that was once flown by Elvis and then meet two Italian pilots and their new military cargo plane that can do aerobatics.

    After the break we head into the Australian outback to check out a chromed classic from the golde...

  • FPTV-S1 Ep12 Combat Legends

    In this episode we check out all the action at the National Helicopter Championships and get back in the pilot’s seat for an inside look at the challenges of extreme aerobatics with Matt Hall and ‘In the Loop’.

    In part two we meet a World War Two combat pilot, who is being reunited for the fi...

  • FPTV-S1 Ep13 Heroes and Helicopters

    In the final episode for this series, we start by hearing first hand what it was like to be on the receiving end of an air raid from a Pearl Harbor survivor. We then head down-under to meet a pilot who loves collecting and flying big boys toys.

    In part two we take our final ride with Matt Hal...

  • FPTV-S1 Ep11 Assorted Aircraft Action

    In this episode we start our journey in Hawaii where we meet an aviation legend who is the most experienced seaplane pilot in the world with almost 40,000 hours and almost as many stories. We then hang out in the US Air Force’s largest aircraft which has carried satellites, tanks and killer whale...

  • Temora Warbirds Downunder 2013

    An awe-inspiring spectacle, Warbirds Downunder 2013 showcased a superb collection of flying military aircraft, all captured up-close and in stunning high definition, in the skies above Temora Aviation Museum.

  • Tauranga City Airshow 2010

  • Tauranga City Airshow 2012